1. Paint It, Black
  2. losing everything 4:19
  3. Innocence 4:04
  4. Let It Go 3:49
  5. Rise Again 3:49
  6. This Is Not My Life 3:25
  7. Arms of the Enemy 3:26
  8. Closer
  9. March of the Dreamless 4:32
  10. Reconnect 3:08
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Destrophy - это hard rock/ metal коллектив из Des Moines/ Iowa City, Iowa, основанная в 1993 году.
Destrophy is the unstoppable 4 piece pop/rock/metal machine based out of Des Moines, Iowa on Victory Records. Officially launched in 2002 by producer and singer/songwriter Ari, who scoured the state and recruited only the most talented and success-minded musicians to bring his vision to the stage. The result is an impressive line-up featuring: Ari, guitar and vocals; Phil T. on bass; Joe Fox on drums; and Erik Tisinger, former member of The Autumn Offering (Victory Records), on guitar.

Destrophy's brutal and precise live show, coupled with epic songwriting and pop-oriented vo...

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Клип Destrophy - Paint It, Black

Paint It, Black

Клип Destrophy - Innocence


Клип Destrophy - Let It Go

Let It Go

Клип Destrophy - Rise Again

Rise Again

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