Deniz Kurtel

  1. Wake Me Up
  2. Love Triangle - Interlude
  3. The L Word feat. Jada
  4. Music Watching Over Me Feat. Leza Boyland - Extended
  5. My Ass
  6. Equilibrium
  7. Yeah
  8. One Chance At Happiness
  9. I Knew This Would Happen
  10. You Know It's True
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Born in Turkey, now residing in Brooklyn. The daughter of mining magnates turned championship racehorse breeders in Turkey, Deniz developed a deep love and connection to the sentiments of electronic music during her studies in the USA. Growing up with constant exposure to art from her mother, an influential art initiator in Turkey, and years of intensive classical piano training left her with a professional work ethic and a passion for art. An accomplished interactive sculptor, she quickly made a name for herself in the experimental art scene combining the use of sophisticated computerized LED arrays and mirrors. Her work has been the centerpiece of countless Wolf + Lamb parties in Brookl...

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