1. Oh Honey 5:58
  2. In The Night 4:37
  3. You and I 5:04
  4. Someone oughta write a song (About you baby) 5:42
  5. We Can Make It 4:37
  6. Dance Like Fred Astaire 4:16
  7. Darlin' 3:36
  8. Heartache No. 9 5:14
  9. It's Your Turn 4:10
  10. One More Step to Take 4:28
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1- Delegation is a disco band consisting of Ricky Bailey, Len Coley, Ray Patterson and Roddy Harris.
They started their career in the late 70s with the singles «The Promise Of Love» and “Put A Little Love On Me”. Later on, Delegation released the albums «Delegation», «Eau De Vie», «Delegation II», «Deuces High» and «Encore».

2- Delegation is a german hip-hop Group from Mainz consisting of Buddy Beck’s and Rolex.

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Клип Delegation - Oh Honey

Oh Honey

Клип Delegation - You and I

You and I

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