Dead Hand Projekt

  1. Concrete 4:36
  2. Smell of Fear
  3. Lost
  4. The 28 Strengths of Fear
  5. Dejected
  6. Cyanide
  7. Hate Me
  8. Horror
  9. Not For Me
  10. Club Cancer
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Since 2003 Taury Goforth has been actively composing and constructing music as KiLLSWiTCH. This music was based in electronica, but focused in the "industrial" genre with strong hints towards destructive sounds of punk and metal. In February of 2006, Taury started a project with keyboardist, Roger Jarvis, of Kevorkian Death Cycle named HexRx. In 2007, Taury's album, "X", was released in mid-summer, becoming a huge hit with LA industrial crowds with major songs "Dominate" and "Greed". Taury parted ways with HexRx in the Spring of 2008 to focus on a small group of tracks that he'd been working on while writing music/lyrics for HexRx… T...

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Клип Dead Hand Projekt - Concrete


Клип Dead Hand Projekt - Smell of Fear

Smell of Fear

Клип Dead Hand Projekt - Lost


Клип Dead Hand Projekt - Dejected


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