Dead Combo

  1. A Bunch of Meninos
  2. Dona Emília
  3. Esse Olhar Que Era Só Teu
  4. Lisboa Mulata
  5. Miúdas e Motas
  6. Povo Que Cais Descalço
  7. Waiting For Nick At Rick's Café
  8. Waits
  9. Zoe Llorando
  10. Cachupa Man
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Dead Combo are a Portuguese band formed in 2002/2003, mostly due to their featuring in a tribute album to the late Carlos Paredes, often considered one of the most brilliant Portuguese guitar players ever. The album was called "Movimentos Perpétuos" and Dead Combo ended up having a part in it by playing a song called "Paredes Ambience". The band would officially form soon after.

Their debut album "Vol. I" was released in 2004. Their music mixes Fado with Spaghetti Western inspired music (especially the compositions of Ennio Morricone), jazz, alternative and world music. Both their albums (the second being "Vol. II - Quando a alma não é pequena"...

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