Dawn Landes

  1. What Is the Color of the Soul of Man
  2. All Dressed in White 1:39
  3. Try to Make a Fire Burn Again 3:02
  4. Straight Lines 2:37
  5. Bodyguard
  6. Twilight 3:23
  7. You Alone 4:12
  8. Kids In a Play
  9. Drive
  10. Picture Show
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Dawn Landes is a Louisville, Kentucky-born, New York City-based musician who performs under her own name. She is also a sometimes-member of the band Hem, where she has lent her voice to harmony vocals, and plays glockenspiel. She has worked as an audio engineer at Stratosphere Sound in New York City and at Philip Glass' own personal recording studio. She has shared the stage with artists such as Josh Ritter, Suzanne Vega, Jose Gonzalez, Feist, The Weakerthans, Andrew Bird, Midlake, Alexi Murdoch and many others.

As a solo artist, Landes has put out three records:

Dawn's Music (self-released-US/Ocean Music-Europe) 2002
two, three, four (Boy Scout recordings-UK) ...

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Клип Dawn Landes - Straight Lines

Straight Lines

Клип Dawn Landes - Drive


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