1. Beautiful Me 3:35
  2. Trill 3:47
  3. No Regrets 4:00
  4. All We Know 2:48
  5. Oh My 4:25
  6. Good Intention 4:08
  7. Fuck Them 3:26
  8. Rockstar 3:37
  9. Kiss 3:57
  10. I.O.U. 4:28
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Costadinos Contostavlos (born 11 June 1987) better known by his stage name of Dappy, is a British singer-songwriter, rapper, actor of Greek descent. He is best known for being the lead singer of the Camden-based Grime/hip hop/R&B trio N-Dubz, with his cousin Tulisa and their friend Richard Rawson. He is known for his slightly unusual dress sense and his love for what he describes as "eye-catching headwear". His trademark is wearing a selection of woolly chullos (sometimes referred to as "Dappy hats"), turning up one of or both the ear-flaps of the hat.

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Клип Dappy - Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me

Клип Dappy - No Regrets

No Regrets

Клип Dappy - Good Intention

Good Intention

Клип Dappy - Fuck Them

Fuck Them

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