Daniel Lenz

  1. Damaged 2:32
  2. Aliens (feat. Paul Sebastien)
  3. Epic Assault 1:09
  4. Accume (feat. Brent Daniels)
  5. Broken 3:08
  6. The Beast 3:49
  7. I Do It Again 3:27
  8. Hoover Hell 2:27
  9. Desert Massacre 3:18
  10. This N That 3:00
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Daniel Lenz, went on to produce a single album under the band name Hednoize with a new vocalist, Brent Daniels (aka Free). The album saw a bit of a departure for Lenz in regards to the sound and feel of Unlearn. Opting for a more industrial sound, the album was a hard hitting debut. Unfortunately, label support was minimal, involving mainly a website and a handful of LA club shows.

History: Their first album, Psykosonik, was a hard-hitting techno album with cyberpunk-esque lyrics.

Their follow-up album, Unlearn, had a completely different sound. The DJ/techno stylings, aggressive vocals, and sampled guitar riffs were replaced by lush electronic sound scapes and mellow vocals....

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