DT8 Project

  1. Hold Me Till The End (Radio Edit) 3:10
  2. Destination (Above & Beyond Remix)
  3. Destination - Redstar Remix
  4. Narama (Album Edit) (feat. Mory Kante)
  5. As The Days Grow Old (Album Mix) 3:26
  6. Hold Me Till The End 3:43
  7. Perfect World
  8. Destination - Album Mix
  9. Winter
  10. Destination - Above & Beyond Radio Edit
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DT8 Project is the brainchild of legendary producer Darren Tate, the man who gave the world Jurgen Vries, Angelic, Citizen Caned, Orion and many other massive cross over dance hits. The project was created with the goal of creating electronic music that married intelligent songs, sung from the heart, with emotional chords and cutting edge production. This was the very heart and soul of Darren’s desire to bring a modern but truly touching listening experience to the general public, and so the act bearing an acronym of his own name was born. Originally DT8 Project (initially called ‘DT8’) started out with Kim Wilde’s little sister Roxanne fronting the act, and after an infamous bidding war ...

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Клип DT8 Project - Destination (Above & Beyond Remix)

Destination (Above & Beyond Remix)

Клип DT8 Project - Destination - Redstar Remix

Destination - Redstar Remix

Клип DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End

Hold Me Till The End

Клип DT8 Project - Perfect World

Perfect World

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