Cricket Captains


Cricket Captains is a band from Moscow that formed in 2013. The group consists of lead vocalist and rhytm guitarist Michael Coventry, lead-guitarist Voldemārs Žukauskas, bass player Mal Young, drummer Joseph Klaz, and keyboard player Saint Svyatoslav Richter-Schnauzer.
Cricket Captains playin' their music in a few mainstream styles: indie, funk, brit-pop and with some elements of vintage rock that we used to know one day.
Check our profile for news and upcoming events. Hope you like it!
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Клип Cricket Captains - Dreaming Away

Dreaming Away

Клип Cricket Captains - Cyclone Party

Cyclone Party

Клип Cricket Captains - Meanwhile


Клип Cricket Captains - That Day I Forgot

That Day I Forgot

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