Craig Connelly

  1. Robot Wars 7:21
  2. How Can I 7:04
  3. Rain (Original Mix)
  4. We Are (feat. Emma Connelly)
  5. Hello
  6. Lost Without You (Sied van Riel Remix) (feat. Kate Miles)
  7. Manchester AM - 2012 Club Mix
  8. Like Whatever [Original Mix]
  9. Black Hole - Jorn van Deynhoven Radio Edit
  10. Black Hole - Jorn van Deynhoven Remix
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Trance and Progressive House Producer and DJ from Manchester UK.

Large sounding tracks with big melodies, vocals and massive synth sounds.

Records on Garuda (label by Gareth Emery).

Also got a mad interest in music technology. Love playing with drum machines, synths, samplers, keyboards, sequencers, anything really.

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Клип Craig Connelly - Robot Wars

Robot Wars

Клип Craig Connelly - How Can I

How Can I

Клип Craig Connelly - Like Whatever [Original Mix]

Like Whatever [Original Mix]

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