1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast 4:38
  2. deja vu 5:46
  3. Molten Metal 4:10
  4. Part Of Me 6:12
  5. Catch It (Original Mix) 6:02
  6. Foreplay 6:27
  7. Come with Me 6:19
  8. Gods 5:04
  9. The Place to Be 4:26
  10. Let the Bass Go 4:42
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Существует несколько исполнителей с таким названием.

1. Молодая Панк/Панк-н-Ролл группа из Москвы.
2. Colombo на данный момент один из самых успешных артистов на всей брейкс сцене.

Colombo is these days one of the most successful artists in the whole breaks scene. After smashing every single breaks chart out there with his previous project BSD and Kultur + Colombo, he came right back to the arena with his absolutely stunning Exposed EP series, achieving many number ones with all three parts of the EP, including one of the biggest hits so far in 2011, Everybody, which sat at Beatport...

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