Collie Buddz

  1. Come Around 3:41
  2. Gimmie Love 3:42
  3. Mamacita 3:12
  4. Fly Away
  5. Sensimillia 17:17
  6. Youts Today 4:19
  7. Let Me Know 3:06
  8. Defend Your Own
  9. Burn Down The System 3:19
  10. Wild Out 3:10
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Born in New Orleans but raised in Bermuda, dancehall singer Collie Buddz was entranced by the urban music of his island home. He favored dancehall the most, but soca and hip-hop were important too, all of which exploded out the speakers of his DJ brother. His brother was also involved in recording Collie's demo track, "Come Around," an infectious song that blew up in Europe and topped the charts in the U.K. before it came to Jamaica. As the marijuana anthem was climbing the JA charts all the way up to number one, rapper Busta Rhymes cut his own, unauthorized remix, which increased the track's presence on urban American radio. Guest vocals on a remix of Beyoncé's &...

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Клип Collie Buddz - Come Around

Come Around

Клип Collie Buddz - Mamacita


Клип Collie Buddz - Sensimillia


Клип Collie Buddz - Youts Today

Youts Today

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