1. No More Silence 7:20
  2. Fuck Up 5:11
  3. Alpha 13 3:53
  4. Dawn Of A New Era 5:07
  5. Jack's Bet
  6. Out Of The Vault
  7. Repent
  8. Sandstorm
  9. The End…Is Just The Beginning
  10. Today
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Name: Claw (Charalambos Pieris)
Country: Cyprus (Greece)

Charalambos Pieris from Cyprus (Greece) is the mind behind the project CLAW.
He was born in 1978 and has been producing since 2001.
His involvement in various electronic genres pushed him to explore the alternative and the underground paths of every genre that captured his interest. One of them is Psychedelic Trance…

The project ‘CLAW’ was created in 2003, and in 2004 various releases followed.
His music is powerful and sensational with dark and futuristic sounds!!
According to Claw, most of the influences are coming from what ever happens in every day life… From the smallest to the bigges...

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