Circle Traps

  1. Fjord 5:18
  2. Heatwave 5:17
  3. Machine City 7:12
  4. Obelisk 5:03
  5. Open Cube
  6. Portent
  7. What It Holds
  8. You Are
  9. Redshift
  10. Mirrors and Monuments
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Circle Traps is a project between Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy and Will Ward. Jack Wyllie plays sax and electronics and Duncan Bellamy plays drums and electronics in Portico Quartet. They have toured internationally and released three albums on Real World Records. Will Ward has a history in sound design for film and TV and has a handful of different releases through various labels under his belt.
Developed over the last year through an interest in production as well as a love of electronic and dance music; Circle Traps have arrived at a sound that marries the romantic textures of Bjork’s Vespertine to the glacial atmospherics of Thomas Köner to...

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