Choir of Young Believers

  1. Hollow Talk 5:49
  2. These Rituals of Mine 4:34
  3. Sedated 6:25
  4. Next Summer 3:45
  5. Claustrophobia 4:51
  6. Under the Moon 4:19
  7. Wintertime Love 5:22
  8. The Third Time 7:12
  9. Paint New Horrors 4:37
  10. Action/Reaction 4:37
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Choir Of Young Believers is a new Danish act, with great international potential. The man behind this band is the 24 year old, Danish, Greek and … (more) Indonesian Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. For many years, Jannis has moved in the underground circles of the Danish indie scene and been a part of the legendary band, Lake Placid. Since 2006 he has been working on his solo material, which has now resulted in the debut EP from Choir Of Young believers, called "Burn The Flag".
The songs for the EP were written in Berlin, Copenhagen and in a small town on the Greek island Samos, where Jannis lived for a while. The acoustic demos has then been evolved and arranged with produ...

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Клип Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk

Hollow Talk

Клип Choir of Young Believers - Sedated


Клип Choir of Young Believers - Claustrophobia


Клип Choir of Young Believers - The Third Time

The Third Time

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