CHEMISTRY is a Japanese popular music R&B duo composed of Dochin Yoshikuni (堂珍嘉邦, born 17 November 1978) and Kawabata Kaname (川畑要, born 28 January 1979). They were the winners of the ASAYAN audition(Similar to idol series) in 2000 (by Sony Music Japan).

Their first single “PIECES OF A DREAM” debuted on March 3, 2001, winning the best selling single in the same year (over 2 millions). Most of the singles released reached No.1 in Oricon chart in Japan; and all 5 albums reached No. 1 in the Chart on the same day when they were released. Their #1 streak was taken off by the Kinki Kids’ ‘H’ album, scoring them a #2 rank for FO(u)R.

Their (arguably) most famous single among non-Japanese fans, “Wings of Words” was the fourth and final opening theme for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

CHEMISTRY is also known in Korea for the popular collaboration song ‘Let’s Get Together Now’ featuring talents from both Korea and Japan and hooking up with Korean ballad singer Lena Park who appears in the b-side ‘Dance with Me’ in the Wings of Words single.