Chaos Theory

  1. Regret
  2. Creation Devine
  3. Consumed
  4. Means To An End
  5. Callow 4:44
  6. Broken Picture
  7. Warsaw Ghetto
  8. Dead beat
  9. The Show
  10. Damned Nation
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Chaos Theory is a five piece band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. They have been together just over two years and since then have become one of the biggest and most popular hard rock/metal bands in the Metro Detroit area. Chaos Theory has been getting airplay on the local rock stations (WRIF – 101.1fm and 89X 88.7fm), as well as other stations in Northern Michigan and several well known internet radio stations. The hype about the band keeps growing and word is starting to spread. The message is clear for all who have seen them live: THIS BAND ROCKS. …. The members of this band supply all the crucial elements that a hard rock/metal band needs to become something that people take noti...

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Клип Chaos Theory - Regret


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