1. One Shot From Murder 3:21
  2. 20HZ
  3. Claws of the Mad
  4. Coffee at the Beach House
  5. Crux Fidelis
  6. I Need Love
  7. Moody Café
  8. On Mercury
  9. All I Am
  10. 20 Hz (Radio Version)
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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Capricorn is a rock/grunge/punk band from Ivanić Grad, Croatia.

The members of Capricorn are Dominik Markovinović - Dođer (vocal), Marko Mevčić - Deva (lead guitar), Jakov Šafran - Jax (rythm guitar), Leo Cundić - Cunda (drums), Jen Spilberger - Spiro (bass guitar).

2) Capricorn is a German Heavy/Speed/Power/Thrash band formed by Ex-Grinder members who released 2 albums, Capricorn in 1993, and Inferno in 1995.

In summer 2001, the band’s first demo began to capture hearts, one thing immediately emerged: Gero von Werden (vocals / guitars), Florian Dreher (drums) and Christian Dreher (bass / keyboards) exhibit an unique p...

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Клип Capricorn - I Need Love

I Need Love

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