1. DJ Is Your Second Name (feat. Giang Pham) 3:30
  2. Never Go Away 3:48
  3. DJ Is Your Second Name 2:30
  4. Magic Symphony (feat. Giang Pham) 3:17
  5. Wonderland 3:17
  6. Do You Know 5:54
  7. Explosion 4:12
  8. House Baby 3:35
  9. Never Go Away (Radio Edit) 3:48
  10. House Baby 2007
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Grzegorz Cebula, aka C-Bool, was born on 30th May 1981 in a small Silesian town Pyskowice (Poland). His fascination with music started during his childhood, when he was given his first Yamaha synthesizer. Those were the times when C-Bool was a fan of such cult bands as Queen or Guns N' Roses. Subsequently, he was interested in Italo Disco genre until a groundbreaking year of 1992, when he encountered electronic music for the first time. This sort of music fascinated him enough to make a dream of becoming a DJ.

The beginnings were difficult: first school parties, first own mixer, first contacts with the crowd. In 1998 he started getting residencies in local clubs. But the real b...

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Клип C-BooL - Never Go Away

Never Go Away

Клип C-BooL - DJ Is Your Second Name

DJ Is Your Second Name

Клип C-BooL - Do You Know

Do You Know

Клип C-BooL - House Baby

House Baby

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