1. Insomnia
  2. Forever (Journeyman vs Barrcode Nu Skool Breaks remix)
  3. To The Earth
  4. 101
  5. Disposis
  6. Forever - Hellfire Machina Dubstep Remix
  7. Forever - Journeyman vs. Barrcode Nu Skool break
  8. Hot Spot
  9. Its Cold
  10. No Pain, No Gain - VIP Mix
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Producer / DJ / Designer from Russia, St. Petersburg
Vyacheslav Cohen also know as "BreakZhead" one of the outstanding artist of breakbeat music born in Prymorye, Russia and then moved to St. Petersburg!
Producer, DJ, Designer and Head Honcho of Subtribe Records.
Producing Breakbeat / Dubstep music He already has releases on such labels as Scarcity, Morphosis, Ravearts, DSUK, IBWTmusic, Standard Audio, Dusted Breaks and of course Subtribe. BreakZhead shared the stage with such artists as General Midi, Rennie Pilgrem, Specimen A, Lady Waks, Firefarm, Slyde, Davip and others.
Hard work on the music and Record Label which takes high positions at the Breaks music...

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