1. Augen zu Musik an
  2. Steine 3:28
  3. Guten Morgen Spinner 3:28
  4. Frankfurt Oder 3:34
  5. Bei Costas 2:44
  6. 3 Millionen 4:28
  7. Skizziert 4:15
  8. Kamikazeherz 3:36
  9. Vive La Danse 4:14
  10. Ade Euphorie 3:47
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Two bands sharing the name BOSSE.

1. Bosse - a Minimalism Acoustic one-man band from New York, USA. There is currently a new album, Echoes of the Forgotten, released by Those Opposed Records.


2. Bosse - a german rock Band from Braunschweig. Their label is EMI.
Bosse got their name by their singer and former “Hyperchild”-member Axel Bosse. Further members of Bosse are Björn Krüger (drums), Thorsten Sala (guitar) und Theofilos Fotiades (bass).
In 2005 the band released their first single “Kraft”, produced by Wolfgang Stach. After that, they acted as ...

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Клип Bosse - Guten Morgen Spinner

Guten Morgen Spinner

Клип Bosse - Frankfurt Oder

Frankfurt Oder

Клип Bosse - 3 Millionen

3 Millionen

Клип Bosse - Skizziert


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