Bojan Gorisek

  1. 5 Nocturnes: 1er Nocturne
  2. Trois Gymnopedies: Lent et Douloureux
  3. Trois Gymnopedies: Lent et Grave
  4. Gnossienne No. 7 - From Le Fils Des Étoiles
  5. Gnossienne No. 1
  6. 4 Ogives: Les Anges
  7. Fantaise-Valse
  8. 4 Ogives: Elegie
  9. Premiere Pensee Rose + Croix
  10. Valse-Ballet, Op. 62
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Bojan Gori�ek (1962) is the leading Slovenian pianist in the field of contemporary music and known around the world for recording the complete piano opus (10 CDs � more than 11 hours of music) of Erik Satie for the Blaricum Music Group from Amsterdam (Audiophile Classics), which is rated among the best recordings ever made. This is the most complete review of Satie�s piano compositions ever. Bojan Gori�ek was for many years the exclusive recording artist of Blaricum Music Group.

He graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and continued his studies with one of the most important European specialists for contemporary piano music Herbert Henck in K�ln.

During his career ...

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