1. I Like the Way 3:20
  2. Dignity 2:45
  3. You Got Me Singing 4:16
  4. I Wanna Live 3:30
  5. Round & Round (Max Graham radio edit) 2:31
  6. Round & Round (Bimbo Jones mix)
  7. I Like The Way (Radio Edit) 3:17
  8. Dirty 3:23
  9. Handel On Your Face
  10. Round And Round 3:23
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BodyRockers are an electronic music act, consisting of British/Australian duo Dylan Burns (from Canterbury) and Kaz James (from Melbourne). The pair came together in early 2004 after a chance meeting between Dylan and Kaz in Australia. The pair first started with Dylan playing his guitar over Kaz's rocky DJ set. They claimed the chemistry was instant

They are mostly known for their hit song "I Like the Way (You Move)", loosely based on Billy Idol's hit "Mony Mony", released in 2005. The song reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart, and the top 20 on the Australian ARIAnet singles chart. The duo formed only about six months before they released the song, in A...

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Клип Bodyrockers - I Like the Way

I Like the Way

Клип Bodyrockers - You Got Me Singing

You Got Me Singing

Клип Bodyrockers - Dirty


Клип Bodyrockers - Handel On Your Face

Handel On Your Face

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