Blue Six

  1. I've Given Enough 3:58
  2. Anything Is Possible 3:37
  3. All I Need
  4. Close To Home
  5. One More Night
  6. No Two Things
  7. Aquarian Angel
  8. Let's Do It Together 6:47
  9. Love Yourself
  10. Music And Wine
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Blue Six is the alias of producer and Naked Music co-founder Jay Denes, who is responsible for some of the label's most renowned output including a string of popular Blue Six singles and some stellar remix work.

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Клип Blue Six - Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible

Клип Blue Six - All I Need

All I Need

Клип Blue Six - Close To Home

Close To Home

Клип Blue Six - Love Yourself

Love Yourself

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