Blood Force Trauma

  1. 1312
  2. Can't Break
  3. Come And Get It
  4. Everybody Now
  5. If I Want 2
  6. One Time
  7. Run
  8. War
  9. I Can't
  10. I'm Gone
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A Rap/Metal band from Halmstad (Sweden)
BFT started out just 2 months ago, writing songs and working with a setlist for gigs. With different musical backgrounds from different bands such as Twelvestep, Bleecker and with the rapper Big Nick they made this deadly combination. With influences from Korn and others on the metal side and with HipHop influences from Jedi Mind Tricks and such there about to take over. Constantly writing new tracks and booking up studio-time they are about to enter the stage with a BOOM! So keep a look out for BFT and keep up withe proggress! We will put a new track on myspace every month and soon enough we gonna make the EP . We are hungry for gigs so don’t ...

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