Bleeding Rainbow

  1. Fall Into Your Eyes
  2. Out of Line
  3. Phase
  4. Cut Up 3:47
  5. Dead Head 2:38
  6. Images 2:00
  7. Pink Ruff
  8. So You Know
  9. Start Again
  10. Tell Me
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Originally named after the '80s children's PBS television series Reading Rainbow, Bleeding Rainbow popped up on the skirt of the lo-fi indie trend in late 2009. Philadelphia transplants and eventually married couple Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton formed the band from the ashes of a screamy Richmond, Virginia no wave band called Forensic Teens. After their drummer bailed on a gig, Everton (a singer with limited musical abilities, who was essentially making noises on a circuit-bent keyboard) turned to the drums herself, and in about two weeks learned how to accompany guitarist Garcia on a stripped-down kit comprised of merely a snare and a floor tom. Embracing minimalism, heavy reve...

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Клип Bleeding Rainbow - So You Know

So You Know

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