Blake Neely

  1. The Fastest Man Alive - Always Late 3:05
  2. Chasing the Hood 2:27
  3. I Don’t Need Saving 2:14
  4. Riverdale 2:57
  5. Who’s Up for More? 2:21
  6. Home
  7. I Have To Try 4:55
  8. Sorry Hurts 1:59
  9. The Climb (Bonus Track)
  10. Sex Dreams 2:06
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Blake Neely (born 1969) is an American composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, and author. His father was a rancher and his brother Tom Neely is an artist in Los Angeles.

Neely has contributed to and been credited on dozens of film and TV projects over the years such as: Everwood (which earned him a 2003 Emmy Award nomination for the theme), all three Pirates of the Caribbean films, King Kong, The Last Samurai, The Great Buck Howard and many more. Other film projects in which he is the sole composer are Elvis and Anabelle, Starter for 10, and The Wedding Date.

In addition, Neely has composed the music for over twenty television series. He has frequently collaborated with ...

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Клип Blake Neely - Home


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