Black Oxygen

  1. Rockstar (Post Malone feat. 21 Savage cover) 3:28
  2. They're Not My Friends 3:53
  3. Callin' My Name
  4. Girl I Used to Know
  5. I Got This Feeling
  6. Life Is Good, Till It Goes Bad
  7. Livin' the Life
  8. Take It to the Limit
  9. Take a Breath
  10. The American Dream
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Black Oxygen was founded in 2005 by front man David Lyle on vocals/lead guitar, followed by his brother Nick Lyle on drums, Matt Venegoni on rhythm guitar and Jordan Myer on bass. The band is under the management of Taylor Entertainment and represented by Atlanta-based RockBiv Global Media Group. Owner Rocky Bivens, who has represented some of the world’s most famous urban acts which sold some 120 million records, including TLC, R Kelly, Jamie Foxx and more. They are literally rocking their way to stardom
Dedicated musicians who have already been spotted by the likes of Jamie Foxx (he's nicknamed the fabulous Lyle brothers as "Millions" because of their talent,...

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