1. 粉雪
  2. Hana
  3. LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG 5:27
  4. My Love Sees You
  5. Fringe Element
  6. Kiss Kiss Kiss 4:18
  7. Maximus
  8. Protect
  9. Ti Amo 5:43
  10. One more time, One more chance 5:34
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Beni Daniels (born March 30, 1986 in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan), is a Japanese pop and R&B singer-songwriter, who debuted in 2004 under the Avex Trax label under the name Beni Arashiro (安良城 紅, Arashiro Beni?). In 2008, Arashiro left Avex Trax and transferred to Universal Music Japan where she started to perform under the mononym, Beni (stylized as BENI).

Born in Okinawa she moved to California and then Yokohama. Her father is American of White and Amerindian descent, and her mother is Japanese. She was influenced by Namie Amuro, Alicia Keys and her father's favorite singer Janet Jackson. She graduated from Nile C. Kinnick High School in Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan. She major...

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Клип Beni - 粉雪


Клип Beni - Hana


Клип Beni - Ti Amo

Ti Amo

Клип Beni - One more time, One more chance

One more time, One more chance

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