Ben Pearce

  1. What I Might Do (Original Mix) 4:39
  2. What I Might Do - Kilter Remix
  3. Hold Me 5:30
  4. Lego 5:32
  5. Session Tape
  6. Pomelo
  7. Just Enough - Original Mix
  8. Predictable 3:01
  9. What I Might Do - Club Mix 6:22
  10. What I Might Do - Radio Edit
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Hailing from Manchester (UK), Ben has spent many years promoting a successful night. Now in a new direction, he is focusing on production. His influences are drawn from far and wide, growing up with a love for heavy metal and rock music, he can take inspiration from anything: Hip Hop to Techno, Soul to Metal.
As a producer, already in his first year he has been signed quickly to labels both UK and international. Under The Shade, Digital Delight and Louder Music all coming up in early 2012. Ben is preparing to make his mark on the scene this year.
Late 2011, Ben was made Creative Director at Purp & Soul. An already established brand by friend Chris Farnworth. Together they ...

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Клип Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Original Mix)

What I Might Do (Original Mix)

Клип Ben Pearce - What I Might Do - Kilter Remix

What I Might Do - Kilter Remix

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