Ben Lee

  1. Catch My Disease 1:17
  2. Aftertaste 3:16
  3. Begin 4:13
  4. Cigarettes Will Kill You 3:50
  5. Float On 4:00
  6. Gamble Everything For Love 3:21
  7. Into The Dark 2:46
  8. Love Me Like The World Is Ending 3:46
  9. Rise Up
  10. We're All In This Together
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Benjamin Michael Lee (born 11 September 1978 in Sydney, Australia) is an ARIA Award winning Jewish Australian musician and actor. Lee began his career as a musician at the age of 14 with the Sydney band Noise Addict, but focused on his solo career when the band broke up. He appeared as the protagonist in the Australian film The Rage in Placid Lake (2003). Lee dated Claire Danes for several years, but their relationship ended in 2003. He is currently dating the actress Ione Skye. The couple got engaged on January 11, 2008. Lee was nominated as PETA's World's Sexiest Vegetarian.

On the 18th September 2007, Ben Lee released Ripe with producer John Alagia (Dave Matthews, John ...

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Клип Ben Lee - Catch My Disease

Catch My Disease

Клип Ben Lee - Aftertaste


Клип Ben Lee - Begin


Клип Ben Lee - Cigarettes Will Kill You

Cigarettes Will Kill You

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