1. Closer to Me
  2. By Your Side
  3. Cachango 3:47
  4. Culprit 3:31
  5. Follow 3:47
  6. Soul Call
  7. Wake Up 3:39
  8. Break It
  9. Wide Awake 3:30
  10. Made Of
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Bellusira is a band that has literally put everything on the line to follow their passion. Few bands can claim the convictions that this Melbourne four-piece collectively hold. From leaving the stability and comfort of home, to traveling solo in a foreign land, to living on the streets; the members of this female fronted alternative rock band seemed to gravitate to one another as though the universe had conspired for it.

Though don’t be fooled for a second that this is something driven solely by fate. A fusion of two Latin words ‘beautiful’ and ‘anger’, Bellusira has made a clear point of not letting anything get in their way. The brainchild of vocalist Crystal Ignite and Bassist ...

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Клип Bellusira - Closer to Me

Closer to Me

Клип Bellusira - By Your Side

By Your Side

Клип Bellusira - Cachango


Клип Bellusira - Culprit


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