Bei Maejor

  1. Lights Down Low 3:06
  2. Gamez ft Keri Hilson 3:46
  3. End of the Night 3:03
  4. Lights Down Low (Main Version) (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
  5. Mesmerized 3:57
  6. Trouble (Main Version) 3:33
  7. Fitness 5:11
  8. Moments 3:03
  9. Drunk In The Club 3:41
  10. Trouble feat. J.Cole
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The Michigan native began his musical journey at the age of 18. A college student, he often found himself hopping off of a plane and heading straight to class. All of that hard work paid off because not only did he graduate but he also found himself in a whirlwind racking up hit a hit. In 2005 Bei Maejor placed is first record as a producer on the Trey Songz album "Gotta Make It" with his contribution "Ur Behind". That was a start of many more opportunities for this Grammy nominated producer/songwriter. By the end of 2009, he had worked with artists such as Plies, Letoya Luckett, Chrisette Michelle, Ginuwine just to name a few.

The artist who is quoted as pulling...

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Клип Bei Maejor - Lights Down Low

Lights Down Low

Клип Bei Maejor - Gamez ft Keri Hilson

Gamez ft Keri Hilson

Клип Bei Maejor - End of the Night

End of the Night

Клип Bei Maejor - Mesmerized


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