1. Digital Shock (Original Mix) 1:25
  2. NOIZE 4:46
  3. Exodus Machine
  4. High Voltage - Original Mix
  5. Digital Shock
  6. Casket
  7. Strange Clouds - Original Mix
  8. My Song 2
  9. Amplify - Original Mix
  10. NOIZE (Original Mix)
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BeatMagik is one of the founders and the active figurehead of the production team called Diamond Style Productions (, which focuses on mainstream Hip-Hop & R&B. He also is the owner of the recording studio Diamond Style Records. He has 8 years of product ion knowledge and experience under his belt. In 2008, his album "Beatology" instantly extended across all of Russia and was actively used by many rappers across the country. The success of this album led to awards for "The best hip-hop producer" in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 on numerous Russian music sites.In 2010, he actively started to produce musical experiments in various genres such a...

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