1. Destiny (feat. Mat B.) 2:40
  2. DERP 4:33
  3. Destiny 2:40
  4. Savior
  5. Bring That Beat 4:11
  6. Wave Your Hands 4:32
  7. The Riddle (Extended Mix)
  8. The Fever 4:12
  9. Party People (Bassjackers Dub) [feat. Mc Boogshe]
  10. Tomorrow 3:40
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Waalwijk, Netherlands


“On a afternoon somewhere in the beginning of 2007 two friends decided to join forces, one Dj and one producer, both sharing great passion for house music.. Bassjackers was born..!”

Bassjackers aka Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst had not foreseen what was coming when they started out with their collaboration. Marlon was already Dj-ing for a while and Ralph experimented a lot with making different kinds of dance music. Marlon was mainly playing house music at the time and then the idea came to push Ralphs productions in that direction so that Marlon could play the tracks in his sets. The first track they were both satisfie...

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Клип Bassjackers - Destiny (feat. Mat B.)

Destiny (feat. Mat B.)

Клип Bassjackers - Savior


Клип Bassjackers - Wave Your Hands

Wave Your Hands

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