1. Celtic Girl 2:53
  2. Weekend Irish 3:35
  3. Pretty Wild Bride
  4. Modern Pirates
  5. Tartan Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair
  6. Pour That Whiskey
  7. Get Your Irish On
  8. What's Up Yours?
  9. Skulduggery Street
  10. Whiskey-Bailey's-Guinness
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Barleyjuice is a musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formed originally in 1998, the group began as a side project for musicians Keith Swanson and Kyf Brewer, who met as bagpipers in the Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums of Pineville, Pennsylvania. Barleyjuice's focus was to perform traditional Irish and Scottish songs in a pop/rock fashion, and the band remained a seasonal St. Patrick’s Day project for the first few years of its existence.
Kyf Brewer
Keith Swanson
Shelley Weiss
Eric Worthington
Gregor Schroeder

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Клип Barleyjuice - Celtic Girl

Celtic Girl

Клип Barleyjuice - Weekend Irish

Weekend Irish

Клип Barleyjuice - Modern Pirates

Modern Pirates

Клип Barleyjuice - Pour That Whiskey

Pour That Whiskey

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