1. I Miss You So ! 3:11
  2. Where Is My Mind? 3:19
  3. Ecce Homo Op. 2
  4. Losing In A Sense 4:44
  5. Plastic 101
  6. Pushing
  7. The Drive Home
  8. Of Life
  9. forgetting days
  10. Dragon
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Bandit was a British rock band, existing between 1976 and 1978.

Bandit released two albums with different line-ups. Bandit's debut Bandit was released in late 1976 on Arista Records. This album featured Jim Diamond on lead vocals, Danny McIntosh on guitar, future AC/DC band member Cliff Williams, James Litherland, and drummer Graham Broad, now of Roger Waters's band. A single entitled "Ohio" was also released. The punk rock music scene of the time caused a lack of attention and the band later parted ways. Diamond went on to join Ph.D., and gained a UK Top 10 hit with "I Won't Let You Down". He later went solo and scored two more chart toppers.

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Клип Bandit - Where Is My Mind?

Where Is My Mind?

Клип Bandit - Losing In A Sense

Losing In A Sense

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