Baha men

  1. Thinkin' Of You
  2. That's The Way I Get Down
  3. Who Let The Dogs Out 3:18
  4. Best Years Of Our Lives
  5. Get Ya Party On
  6. Move It Like This
  7. Night & Day - Carnival Mix
  8. You All Dat
  9. Hakuna Matata
  10. Holla! 3:13
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Baha Men is the name of a pop group that plays an updated style of Bahamian folk music called Junkanoo. The group's debut, Junkanoo, was released in 1992, and was very traditional in its sound. They soon began aiming their music at a more mainstream audience, however, and finally succeeded with 2000's remake of Who Let the Dogs Out? originally composed by Anslem Douglas; the titular track won a Grammy Award. Their most recent album was Beach Baby (2002).

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Клип Baha men - Best Years Of Our Lives

Best Years Of Our Lives

Клип Baha men - Move It Like This

Move It Like This

Клип Baha men - Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

Клип Baha men - Holla!


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