1. Hardcore minsk city 2:23
  2. Все Мои Друзья 1:37
  3. Город Минск
  4. Есть человек, а есть говно
  5. Не забудем, не простим
  6. Правда жизни
  7. Сильнее слов
  8. Твое дело жрать свои мозги
  9. Убеждения
  10. Обречен
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Band Back 2 Back was founded in May, 2005. But the present face of the band and the music style were formed in a year after the foundation. The music style we play is Minsk City Hardcore. In our songs we raise social political and ecological problems. Our songs are: - against the police outrage
- against Mass Media influence on people’s opinion
- against political lie
- against loss of individuality, for a man’s own ego formation
- for environment and animal protection

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