Bachelors Of Science

  1. Anytime She Goes Away 3:00
  2. Don't Hold Back (feat. Dylan Germick) 4:17
  3. Strings Track
  4. Death Cab For Cutie - Brothers O
  5. Beats Still Own The Rhythm
  6. Bombay Sapphire
  7. Lost Inside
  8. People Together
  9. Song For Lovers
  10. Sugar
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As long-time residents of the weird and always unexpected city of San Francisco, Bachelors Of Science are renowned for mixing up and making unique blends of laid back, tripped-out, soul drenched tracks that are designed to be listened to as well as just heard on the floor. Choosing quality over quantity, they are regarded as one of the most consistently innovative and sought-after remixers and producers of the area, working with everyone from dance music legends Groove Armada and Paradox to indie darlings Home Video and Silver Swans.

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Клип Bachelors Of Science - Anytime She Goes Away

Anytime She Goes Away

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