1. Imany vs Filatov & Karas - Don't be so shy 1:35
  2. The Corner
  3. DJ Tarkan ft. Yalena - Get Better 6:53
  4. By My Side 4:52
  5. Love Not For Me 5:51
  6. Myself Into Myself 3:44
  7. Ethereal Connection 5:17
  8. Beautiful Losers
  9. Better Days
  10. A Spreading Infection 3:58
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Babylonia, a keystone of the Italian electronic music scene, has as founding members, Max Giunta (vox, programming) and Robbie Rox (synths, guitars).
Electropop, synthrock, indiepop are among the many tags that have been used to describe the music of a band able to put many different elements together, mixing catchy ballads with a personal electronic sound.

The band was born, officially speaking, in 2003 with the release of their first single Without Asking Me, under EMI Music, which not only caught the eye (ear and attention) of the critics and mass media but also of the record-buying public and record labels, in particolar foreign labels.
Mid 2005 sees the publication in...

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Клип Babylonia - By My Side

By My Side

Клип Babylonia - Love Not For Me

Love Not For Me

Клип Babylonia - Myself Into Myself

Myself Into Myself

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