1. Gigantes (feat. Juyé)
  2. Novo Poder
  3. Julius
  4. Titãs
  5. Jovens
  6. Almas (feat. Juyé)
  7. Porcentos
  8. Exóticos
  9. Planos (feat. Luccas Carlos)
  10. Lonely Boy
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Ben Keen - legendary & pioneering UK Hard Dance Producer & DJ responsible for some of the biggest tracks and remixes known to the Hard Dance scene.

Site: http://bkworld.net/

As well as running Riot! and being the man in charge of the music there, whether with his own releases or with his A&R hat on, BK is the man that has ensured Riot! is the most critically acclaimed hard dance label around. Ben Keen, aka BK, is also recognized the world over as the most successful and prolific hard dance producer of all time. With worldwide dance chart hits like "Music Is Moving" and "Revolution", BK has reinvented the genre of hard house and breathed new life...

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Клип BK - Lonely Boy

Lonely Boy

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