Avatar Darko

  1. Kalashnikov Pt. 2 (Produced by Southside) 3:00
  2. Super Duper Freak (feat. Jessi)
  3. Avatar
  4. Buck The Fullshit 2:59
  5. Thats My Word (feat. Pusha Boy)
  6. Tricky Tricky
  7. Sh28ters (feat. Dolce Drako & Young Fast)
  8. Han Dover D'Monet
  9. Nowhere To Be Found
  10. Roosky (Venom)
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Born in Tallinn, Estonia, to Ukrainian/Russian parents, Danny "Avatar Darko" Degtjar and his family moved nearly 5,000 miles across the world by the time he was three months old, eventually settling in the suburbs just east of Seattle, Washington. The thought-to-be-affluent suburb of Bellevue wasn’t exactly flush with opportunity for Avatar’s family at first, as they called home a cardboard box outside of an Ivar’s Fish & Chips by the Crossroads Shopping Center.

In spite of the hardships early on, Av’s early childhood was a more or less happy one. English was not his first language, as he grew up speaking Russian, and he was in ESL classes until third grade. His mother...

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Клип Avatar Darko - Avatar


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