Atomic Tom

  1. I'm Coming After You 2:56
  2. Take Me Out
  3. You Always Get What You Want
  4. Let Let Go Tonight 3:00
  5. 1978
  6. Break My Heart Around You 3:42
  7. Don't You Want Me
  8. I'm Coming After You
  9. Maybe I'm Wrong
  10. Red Light Warning Sign
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The story of Atomic Tom begins in Brooklyn. The record that is The Moment was recorded over four months in a tiny apartment with the band's close friend, Ben Romans as producer. Microphones were set up in the hallway, the bathtub and the kitchen; amps and empty guitar cases lined the walls, and the vocal booth was a repurposed utility closet. Despite noise complaints, one of them leading to a shutdown by “New York’s finest”, the LP left the studio dressed in larger-than-life sounds.

Lead vocalist Luke White began writing demos in 2006 with Philip Galitzine on bass, adding guitarist Eric Espiritu in 2007. By early 2009, drummer Tobias Smith completed the circle. "We knew we...

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Клип Atomic Tom - I'm Coming After You

I'm Coming After You

Клип Atomic Tom - Take Me Out

Take Me Out

Клип Atomic Tom - You Always Get What You Want

You Always Get What You Want

Клип Atomic Tom - Let Let Go Tonight

Let Let Go Tonight

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