Ashes Remain

  1. On My Own 2:52
  2. End of Me 2:50
  3. Right Here 2:51
  4. Without You 3:48
  5. Rise
  6. Change My Life 2:59
  7. Unbroken 3:07
  8. Keep Me Breathing 2:58
  9. I Won't Run Away 1:32
  10. Come Alive 3:40
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What I’ve Become’s theme is certainly one that almost everyone can relate to, most of all teenagers trying to navigate lives that often seem completely upside down. According to the band, much of their Fair Trade Services, debut was written from the perspective of what it is like to feel as if there is no hope, where you are your own worst enemy and ultimately what it looks like to go from that very real and dark place to one where there is hope and step into the light. That journey from dark to light isn’t always a swift one and sometimes has to be walked many times, but it is a journey that the band is familiar with and feels called to go on with their fans. As lead vocalist Josh Smith ...

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Клип Ashes Remain - On My Own

On My Own

Клип Ashes Remain - End of Me

End of Me

Клип Ashes Remain - Right Here

Right Here

Клип Ashes Remain - Without You

Without You

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