April Divine

  1. Enemy 4:08
  2. Lullaby 4:21
  3. Redemption 3:41
  4. 221 4:01
  5. Brothers 3:33
  6. Rescue
  7. #1 (No. one) 3:34
  8. Letmego 3:40
  9. Love Me 3:59
  10. #1 3:31
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Joakim Åström - Vocals, Guitar
Niklas Vestberg - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Peter Uvén - Bass, Backup Vocals
Per Karlsson - Drums

April Divine was founded in 1998 under the name Starfuck. They played all around Sweden and have become a popular act in the major festivals in Sweden. In the summer of 2004, Bloody April played at Sweden's biggest festival, Storsjöyran. April Divine have also contributed on the festival's promo CD. April Divine has also been playing at the Smack Festival. Likewise a compilation was made containing two of their songs. Later on, Bloody April was chosen to contribute with two songs on a compilation CD released by Diesel Wing...

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Клип April Divine - Redemption


Клип April Divine - Letmego


Клип April Divine - Love Me

Love Me

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