Anya Marina

  1. Whatever You Like - Single Version 3:48
  2. How Far Does the Dark Go? 3:57
  3. Shut Up 3:09
  4. Satellite Heart 3:33
  5. All the Same to Me 3:09
  6. Serious Love 4:13
  7. Move You 3:03
  8. High On The Ceiling 3:43
  9. Lovesick 2:01
  10. Body Knows Best 3:23
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Anya Marina - певица и автор песен, а также радиоведущая из Сан-Диего, Калифорния. Её музыка звучала в сериале Grey's Anatomy на канале ABC и в таких шоу, как "Реальный мир" на MTV.

Anya was born in Ann Arbor, Mich., and grew up in the Silicon Valley area of California as a capricious child with Russian-Agnostic/Irish-Catholic professor parents (psychology and russian literature/math) and a younger sister. After finishing high school, Anya moved to Los Angeles as an aspiring actress. With stints in the British American Drama Academy (taught by Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach) and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, Anya has ...

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Клип Anya Marina - How Far Does the Dark Go?

How Far Does the Dark Go?

Клип Anya Marina - Satellite Heart

Satellite Heart

Клип Anya Marina - All the Same to Me

All the Same to Me

Клип Anya Marina - Serious Love

Serious Love

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