Angels Fall


Listen to the heartfelt, acoustic-driven rock songs that fill Angels Fall's debut album Yesterday's Gone and the intentions of the music's creator, singer-songwriter Joel Jorgensen, are crystal clear. "My goal is for people to attach a memory to the songs when they hear them, because that's what music did for me when I was younger," Jorgensen explains. "It would become part of me; part of a situation. Now, when I listen to Alice In Chains' Unplugged album, it takes me way back to hanging out at keg parties in the mountains in Colorado, playing those songs on my guitar. It's powerful when music has that kind of effect."

As frontman f...

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Клип Angels Fall - Call On Me

Call On Me

Клип Angels Fall - Drunk Enough

Drunk Enough

Клип Angels Fall - Something New

Something New

Клип Angels Fall - Yesterdays Gone

Yesterdays Gone

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