Andrew Rayel

  1. 550 Senta 3:56
  2. Until the End - Club Mix
  3. Aeon Of Revenge - Original Mix
  4. Rise Of The Era (Digital X Radio Edit) 3:03
  5. Rise Of The Era (Album Mix) 4:58
  6. Hold On To Your Love (Album Mix)
  7. Coriolis (Radio Edit) 3:38
  8. Latifa (Album Mix) 5:26
  9. Drapchi (Original Piano Edit) 8:07
  10. Winterburn 3:34
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Trance producer and DJ from Moldova.

Andrew Rayel's real name it's Andrei Raţa

His musical career began in 2005. At only 17 years old, Andrew Rayel has been producing since he was 13, each year gaining more and more experience and finding his “sound”. His tracks have a variety of influences from different trance styles. He tries to offer something hot and new every time, never using the same formula of previous track.

Andrew Rayel has reached a high and modern quality of sound in his own products and his creativity has been noticed very quickly. Tracks and remixes of Andrew Rayel are playing by the Best DJs and Producers of the world in their radio shows and li...

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Клип Andrew Rayel - 550 Senta

550 Senta

Клип Andrew Rayel - Until the End - Club Mix

Until the End - Club Mix

Клип Andrew Rayel - Aeon Of Revenge  - Original Mix

Aeon Of Revenge - Original Mix

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